“There’s nothing like the comfort & the warmth of a mother… & Amalia, those qualities and more were exemplified in ‘Letting Go.’ This was an important story to tell…& you & Brandon were an uplifting example that life for adults with autism, though it may difficult, is possible.”

-Leeza Yeretzian, Associate Producer, America Tonight

Amalia Starr created the Autism Independence Project because of her forty-year-old autistic son, Brandon. He has accomplished his dream of independence and has been living alone for the past sixteen years.  She does not want to give you the false impression that his transition to independence has been easy, because it has not been that way.


He has had hurdles to get over almost everyday, but he does get over them, and that is all that matters. His incredible determination has been his saving grace along with loads of hard work he has been able to live his on his own even when the professionals deemed it impossible.

Amalia is devoted and dedicated to helping adults with autism and special needs cross over to independence: one child at a time, by teaching independence training for parents through various types of media and through firsthand experience with her son, Brandon.

Amalia talks and writes about how her son beat the odds and she brings HOPE into the autism and special needs arena. She shares her forty years of experience raising her son who has autism, intractable epilepsy, and severe learning disorders with parents and professionals through keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, breakout sessions, and private consultations. She has authored two books, Raising Brandon and What’ll I Do Without You, Mom?”(release date July 2014). She is now working on the Final Instructional Care Manual, which will allow the parents voice and wishes to continue on when they are no longer here.

Visit Amalia’s website for information on her speaking and books

Amalia@AmaliaStarr.com or call 800-939-1046Brandon Photo  PHOTOSHOPPED copy

“Brandon says he hopes to join his mother, Amalia on the speaking circuit soon spreading the gospel of independence to other families struggling with autism.”

-Chris Bury, Journalist and Correspondent for America Tonight